Community Consultation & Engagement

Community consultation and engagement

Delivering flawless community consultation and engagement is an essential part of our ability to achieve approval for larger projects. Regulations dictate that we give the public the opportunity to voice concerns before proposals are set in stone. This process can be anything from a single consultation event to a series of four or more events depending on the scale of the development.

Leading by listening

At Halliday Fraser Munro, we have extensive expertise in leading debates and negotiations that achieve positive outcomes for both clients and neighbouring communities. We have learned that the most important aspect of our work is to listen and to demonstrate that we have learned.

One of our greatest strengths is the breadth of our offering. Bringing planning, landscape and architectural teams together enables us to create fully considered responses to address communities concerns and win their support.  Our planning team has a wealth of local authority experience and are expert in gauging public attitudes, so they take the lead in this forum. They also consolidate the feedback required to complete the planning process.

Creating a compelling picture

Experience has taught us that the quality of visual materials used to communicate at these events is critical. It’s an art our architectural design teams have perfected over the years to ensure that their vision for the project is fully appreciated and understood.

Our landscape architecture team also plays a vital role in secure support from local communities. They demonstrate how the development will mesh with the surrounding environment and integrate with the holistic “placemaker” strategies that many local authorities are now embracing.