Full Service

All the architectural services you need under a single roof

At Halliday Fraser Munro, we have assembled an industry-leading team of highly qualified professionals to create an exceptional full-service practice. We can deliver all the architectural services you need to take projects of any size from inception and feasibility studies to completion and handover. Our team brings together award-winning architects, architectural technicians and landscape architects with one of the UK’s largest in-house planning and master planning consultancies.

The power of one

Operating as a full-service architecture firm, we deliver a huge range of benefits for our clients. Because we all operate to the same guiding principles of Quality, Efficiency and Service, you can be sure that every aspect of your project will be delivered to the same, consistently high standards.

Having a single point of contact throughout the project will help streamline its progress reducing transition periods and driving time and cost efficiencies. It will also help you avoid the pitfalls and communications issues that can arise between multiple consultants.

All of the talents all of the time

Because you have access to all of our experts at every stage of the process, we can ensure that every aspect of a project is fully considered from start to finish. Having a chartered architect or landscape architect contributing right from the very earliest stage of a project can have a tremendous bearing on its future shape and success.

Supporting roles

Naturally, our full-service approach doesn’t preclude working with clients who might want to select from the comprehensive range of architectural, planning and landscape architecture services we offer. Local architects and those with a narrower field of expertise, will often work alongside us and we are always happy to assist in delivering those aspects of a project that fall outside their capabilities.