Interior Design & Space Planning

Building interior design into our vision

Your building says a lot about you. The statement it makes comes as much from the interior spaces as the public façade so we take great care to create interiors that work in harmony with the overall vision. The clients and employees that use those internal spaces are more important to your organisation than anyone else, so creating an involving and inspiring environment is critical to your success. We always take a holistic approach to the buildings we create, ensuring design continuity and integrity through every aspect of the building. The exceptional quality of our 3D modelling  technology allows us to demonstrate, explore and refine the visual impacts of interior finishes early on in  the design process. 

Using space planning to create better buildings

Space planning is a critical part of the interior design process. We engage closely with our clients to fully understand how each space within the building will function and establish the working styles that will take place in the different zones of the building. Understanding these, enables us to accurately map circulation patterns so we can create buildings that people can use more easily and efficiently. It also gives us the information we need to create spaces tailored to specific uses whether that is relaxed and informal or formal and highly focused.

Designing interiors to reflect your brand and corporate ethos

Having worked on fitouts and interior designs for a huge range of clients, across both private and public sectors, we fully understand the importance of incorporating an organisation’s ethos and brand values into the fabric of the building. We collaborate closely with clients and their contractors to ensure that the spaces we create reflect these at every level from finishes and fittings to furniture and lighting.