COBie Data Export

COBie Data Export

In today’s digital world data is king and the data relating to buildings is no exception. Our commitment to the highest standards of Business Information Modelling (BIM) means we are highly skilled in handling and exporting that data. Having it in a clear, standardised, format allows contractors and facilities managers to access precisely what they need, to undertake specific tasks, faster and more accurately.

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is the international standard for the exchange of building data. It forms a key component of the open BIM movement to design, build and operate buildings collaboratively ensuring total consistency and clarity.

Facilitating more accurate costing

Our BIM systems can be configured to populate whatever data fields are needed to complete the relevant COBie spreadsheets. This can include any level of detail right down to lightbulbs and paint finishes. Having direct access to this data is invaluable for professional partners such as quantity surveyors and other contractors working on the project.

Quantity surveyors can use their COBie spreadsheets to estimate precisely what will be needed for a given project saving time assessing plans and making complex calculations. Other contractors can use the data to compile costings and orders based on precise specifications in a fraction of the time that it would once have taken.

Transforming handovers

COBie data exporting also transforms building handovers. Where once the transition would have entailed large quantities of 2D plans and multiple additional documentation, the data can now be exported from one single reliable digital source to populate spreadsheets for the owners or facilities managers. Having every detail of a building’s spaces and component parts in standardised formats, that are easy to access and compute, greatly reduces admin times and storage requirements.

Designing data to fit your systems

We view accurate and precise handling and export of building data as a key part of our service. We can configure your building’s data to match whatever format and classification system you require. The latest, computer-led, building management systems will require specific data, such as inspection and maintenance schedules, to function effectively. We work closely with clients to ensure that the correct data is exported and configured to meet the precise needs of the system you have selected. For clients using management systems across multiple sites, we can also export the data to their central database.