Facilities Management Asset Creation

Building Information Modelling (BIM) hasn’t just transformed the way that buildings are designed and built. It has the power to revolutionise the way they are run and serviced. As pioneers of BIM technology, Halliday Fraser Munro can provide Facilities Managers and building owners with an unprecedented amount of information about how their buildings should be operated and maintained to ensure maximum efficiency.

Optimising building performance

Facilities Management is now more important than ever at a time when a building’s sustainability is key to its success. Sophisticated low and zero carbon buildings are critical to the future of our planet so it is vital that Facilities Managers fully understand how they operate. The information captured in our BIM systems provides them with a comprehensive data bank covering every aspect of the building. It details precise specifications of materials and components from sophisticated electrical equipment right down to individual nuts and bolts involved in the structure. It can identify the make, model and precise location of each element within the building and advise on service intervals for equipment and the routine checks needed to maintain optimal performance.

Smoothing handovers

Our ability to create this exceptional quality of FM Assets is key to smoothing the handover of new buildings at project completion stage. As buildings have become more complex, it has led to an increasing number of issues leading the Government to build requirements for “soft landings” into procurement policy. Our expertise with BIM technology allows us to smooth the path of incoming Facilities Managers by providing a much wider range of tools as they take full charge of a building. These data assets can be configured in whatever way the Facilities Management team chooses to hold them. They can link back to the BIM or be held on their own database. Ensuring the successful configuration of this data is a key part of our service as the building is handed over and commissioned.

Greater peace of mind

Knowing that their facilities managers have a single, comprehensive, trustworthy source of information provides greater peace of mind for buildings’ owners and their occupants. It enables more efficient and automated systems to ensure that routine maintenance, monitoring and safety checks are flagged and undertaken. It allows any issues with the building to be dealt with faster and more efficiently. And, ultimately, it ensures that the building functions better for them and the planet.