Integrated Data & Specification

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has the potential to guide every aspect of a project on site. It provides all the data the contractors will need in a single accessible space that can be readily accessed from anywhere with internet access. For example, a plumbing contractor can cross-check the specifications for pipework they are installing on site to ensure it is correct.

 As well as streamlining the building process, this reassures clients that contractors are working to precisely the right specifications and standards. Ultimately, it means the client can be sure that the building is completed to the highest quality standards.

A single reliable source of information

NBS is an integrated global platform for everyone involved in the design, supply and construction of the built environment. By linking it directly to the models we create in BIM, we can provide the precise specification details and documentation for all the elements of a project in a single place. It also means that specifications can be precisely adjusted to match design changes or revisions made during the design process so that clients know that any alterations will not compromise the integrity of the project.

Standardising specifications and processes

Building the specifications directly into the model avoids the opportunity for contractors to cut by using inferior materials or practices. It gives total clarity to site managers. They know exactly what they are dealing with and where they need to go to access the information they need. Having access to this information directly from any web-enabled device allows them to confirm the specifications of the materials they should be using at any stage of the project. This high level of linkage is especially valuable on larger sites with multiple contractors and, potentially, subcontractors.

Preparing the building industry for a digital future

By integrating data and specification, we are actively contributing to the full digitisation of building design and construction businesses. It enhances trust, reliability and quality to bring the industry into line with other technically advanced sectors.