Masterplans have the power to transform an area’s fortunes. Halliday Fraser Munro’s master planning consultants, are experts in balancing the needs of communities, the wider environment and commercial realities to develop successful master plans for our clients. We provide clear, dynamic visions for local communities and businesses to embrace which are also adaptable enough to deal with changing external pressures such as climate change, social trends and economic uncertainty. We examine the context of each area, factoring in a myriad of information about existing infrastructure and trends to assess what improvements will be needed to facilitate appropriate and sustainable progress.

A wealth of master planning experience

Creating great masterplans requires a depth of understanding and insight across all aspects of architecture, planning and landscape architecture. It also demands a high level of commercial acumen and profound awareness of the sensitivities of local communities.

At Halliday Fraser Munro, we have built an enviable reputation for providing master planning services that demonstrate our skills in all of these areas. We have partnered with local authorities across Scotland to deliver successful masterplans that have helped improve lives and reshape the future of communities. A key part of these has been our carefully phased approach ensuring that development is carefully managed and prioritised over a series of local plans that can be updated and revised to match the pace of change.

Making places people love

Our masterplans adopt the principles of placemaking being promoted by governments across the world. We build on communities’ assets, aspirations and potential to create better places to live, work and play. We promote the concept of “20 minute neighbourhoods” - helping to reduce traffic, pollution and congestion and empowering people to reduce their impact on the planet. None of this can happen by decree and local buy-in is essential so we embark on an intensive consultation process to ensure that the masterplan is “consumer-led” and more likely to achieve its long-term goals.