Land Promotion & Strategic Development

Land promotion and strategic development

At its simplest, land promotion is about ensuring that land is being used as effectively and productively as possible. To do it well requires a complex blend of skills including planning, masterplanning, landscape architecture and architecture. By bringing those skills together, under one roof, Halliday Fraser Munro have a created a very loyal client base of landowners, developers, investors, housing associations and housebuilders who work with us to ensure they are making the most of the land at their disposal.

Bringing land and opportunities together

We help clients identify land suitable for development and work with planning authorities to achieve the goals of both landowners and prospective developers. This includes promoting land through the development plan process and making a positive case for re-zoning land in ways that will benefit local communities and businesses through to detailed planning applications. Our in-depth knowledge of the planning landscape, coupled with the ability to prepare creative architectural and landscape design proposals, are invaluable in this field.

Adding value to land, communities and local economies

We have successfully helped many clients achieve development on their land including brownfield and greenfield locations. This has helped to meet the growing need for housing as well as finding new retail, leisure and commercial uses for redundant or surplus land.