Planning Applications

Planning applications

We can undertake planning applications of any size, from a single house to a large scale residential, office or multi-use development project. These can range from approval in principle to detailed final applications. The fact that we are a full-service practice means we can bring a comprehensive range of skills to bear. Our masterplanners, architects and landscape architects have the specific expertise to manage, refine and complete every stage of the application process from start to finish.

 The widest range of skills available

Being able to select from the widest possible range of skills, which have been honed across all major sectors, means we can pinpoint and deliver the precise components needed to develop compelling planning applications. This wealth of experience means we can often find simple, straightforward solutions to perceived problems.

One of the UK’s largest in-house planning teams

With one of the largest in-house planning teams in the country, we are better placed than most architecture firms to ensure that your application secures planning permission. Our planners are well versed in planning law and policies throughout the UK and we have a vast bank of experience that puts us in a strong position to make the case for anything from change of use to the creative redevelopment of a listed building. This depth of knowledge has proved invaluable in lobbying and undertaking discussions with councils to secure planning approval for our clients.