Planning Consultancy & Support

Planning consultancy and development support

Deploying a planning consultancy that is an integral part of an architectural practice has distinct advantages. Not least being able to take a development project from cradle to maturity. Many of our clients find that this kind of continuity helps avoid many of the risks, confusions and complexities of using multiple contractors. It also means that our planners can step in to assist at any stage of a project and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Our size is our strength

Our planning department is one of the largest operating within any UK architectural practice. Most of the team have spent time working within planning authorities both at local and national levels. Consequently, they have an intimate knowledge of how planning departments work and a clear understanding of their processes, priorities and motivations. Our breadth of experience means we are ideally placed to offer you expert advice on any aspect of planning policy from local plans to national strategies. We can help you draw up long term plans and work with local authorities to make the case for positive change that will help you achieve your development goals and meet their communities’ needs. This is particularly useful in developing sophisticated multi-use sites and taking full advantage of local plans to develop coherent new infrastructure.

Planning expertise combined with commercial acumen

Because our planning consultants have also worked extensively in the private sector, we have a clear understanding of the commercial imperatives driving development projects. Working in partnership with our architectural design teams, we can configure planning proposals that meet your commercial requirements and secure the highest possible chance of success.