Public Consultation

Planning consultation

Because it is a legal requirement within the planning process, public consultation on larger development schemes is integral to the whole pre-application process. If handled well, it should contribute to the quality of the outcome for everyone involved. Each stage of the consultation must take place within given timescales and the process relies on maintaining a strong working relationship with the relevant local authority planning officials.

Delivering best practice

Our planning consultants lead the organisation and management of public consultation events, ensuring that the legal requirements are covered and that events are appropriately publicised. Key team members at Halliday Fraser Munro have had SP=EED training - Planning Aid Scotland’s practical guide to undertaking effective community engagement. This, coupled with our clear, practical management style and attention to detail has earned us a reputation for delivering best practice at public consultation events across Scotland. As part of the process, we will capture all the feedback that arises from the consultation and use it to provide all necessary formal reporting.

Our diplomatic approach

One of a planner’s critical skills is diplomacy and it is important to understand everything that is going on and the personalities involved, to be able to manage expectations and explain proposals to a wide range of stakeholders. Feelings can often run high around new developments so handling and diffusing concerns reasonably and intelligently is a key part of how we handle the consultation process. We pride ourselves in our ability to make the process run as smoothly as possible. Our professionalism in this area ensures that clients have the best possible chance of achieving approval from both local authorities and the communities they serve.